Hey, I'm Boris.V

A Creative Product Designer

innovative · visual · experience

Enjoying creating digital goods and transforming concepts into useful Design 

And User Interfaces, Designing Websites, Branding, And Products. and enjoyable experiences. 



my projects

Qbic – Catalog

a B To B Catalog For Office Furniture mainly used 

as a design catalog for offices and business

zoozy – E Commers

A Dental store That Allows Users To Order 

The Best Product A Transparent Dental Bridge

Homeland – real estate

a real estate website for different properties for sale, 

across Israel, with smart search and filtering options 

Cryptokey, blockchain Market 

a platform for investing in crypt farming for diffrent companies 

and offers with different cripto coins.


a short expatiation of other projects 

Producing Digital Products And Bringing Ideas To Reality Through Design

as well as designing user interfaces, websites, brands, and products.

Lets Talk..

Phone: 054-8119-162

E-mail: curhxv87@gmail.com

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a site for the community of “nof a Galil” with all the Activities for 

children, adults and seniors, accuse all the community centers