a Web Catalog For Office Furniture

when Qbic Design, reached for a new website, their old site lacked user intent, the main clients were businesses and interior designers, looking for furniture and all their pages lack CTA over the fold, and the lead retio was bad

after the New Design  process the site was live everything changed for qbic

Client Qbic design 

Product Web Catalog 

Role Main Designer 

Date 2021 – 2022

Qbic's wireframes

Qbic's Design process

as part of designing, the client articulate the importance of variety 

The Division Of Business Products Into 5 Categories That Each Office Needs 

Entrance Counters | Chairs | Tables Cabinets And Cabinets | Conference Rooms

All Of These Were Critical To Appear On The First Screen

Of Course Because Of The Nature Of The Domain

The Language Was Clean And Simple For The Use

מסך בית.jpg
מוצרם, מוצר.png

SEO & PPC in Qbic

The company in which I worked for
Leos media & interactive is an SEO and web building company
and for good SEO you need an articles/article page and contact page
to show content for The google scanner


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