A Real Estate Website

as real estate company, they need a new website.
That Will Display The Kind Of Customers They’re Seeking
with a long SEO end market based company 

Client Homeland

Product Real Estate catalog

Role Main Designer 

Date 2022 – 2023

Homeland's Wireframes

Homeland's Design Process

As a real estate company in Israel, homeland needed a site 

that will show the type of clients they are looking for 

with a clean design and a simple to use 

to find the correct property to have 

The Key Feature In Homeland

as this type of site needed to show an interactive  map, 

we needed to sort correctly for this kind of clients

as part of my design research, i looked for 

the best sites in that market, compose, Zillow, etc 


SEO & PPC In Homeland

contact page to display content for the Google Scanner are necessary for good SEO, according to the SEO and web building company I worked for, Leos Media & Interactive.


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