A Dental Web Store Design

at first, on the initial conversation, it was understood that Zoozy 

a dental company with FDI approved product will need a good process

so the user will be able to start the process as easily as possible, regardless

of their needs of an E-commerce store 

Client zoozy

Product e-commerce

Role Main Designer 

Date 2022 – 2023

zoozy's Wireframes

Zoozy's Design Process

as the main and only designer in this project 

the client gave me a logo and a story, about a new easy to use product 

transparent braces, a nitch market product, when the process will start online 

when there are a few rival companies in Israel, and to the specific audience 

young adults, old successful people, and people who want to improve their look

the key feature in zoozy

as part of the process, we understood that they will need a nudge 

to help users feel that the product is for them and it all started with one question

the process is linear and most of the answers come with illustrations 

so the user will be able to finish the process easily and buy the main product

as a lead product as part of the store 

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